MTX-R vs MTX-RC : Which should I get?

MTX-R vs MTX-RC : Which should I get?
Tracey Leask


Apeks is known for it’s outstanding regulators in extreme environments, and in our opinion, it is well earned! The MTX range of regulators, which consists of the MTX-R and the MTX-RC are two very similar regulators, with the MTX-RC an upgrade from the MTX-R. Depending on the diving that you are currently doing and the type of diving you would like to do, will depend on which one you would like to go for.


The MTX range are prized because of their over-balanced first stage, over-moulded first stage endcap, and their environmental diaphragm. This makes the regulator easy to breath from at extreme temperatures. The MTX range passes the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit Test, which is where the regulator must perform in 0.3C of water, at 60m depth, with a huge flow rate.


Now for the differences. The MTX-R is the base of the range, and set not to free flow, especially with a purge button that is slightly dropped in, to minimize the chance of it getting accidentally knocked and pushed. This regulator is a favourite of many technical and sidemount divers, as the lack of a side knob means that this regulator is more streamline, and minimizes the chance of accidentally changing your breathing setting. This regulator is perfect for cold-water diving, and is very sturdy! Oyster Instructor Tracey uses the MTX-R as her personal and teaching regs, and she says “They are the best regulators I have every owned or dived on! Easy breathing, I have never had a problem with them freezing or free flowing on me. I have not noticed not having a venturi valve, and have not missed it to this point. I have noticed the ease of breathing at depth, and in 5C water. Great regulator, and I would, and have, recommended it to many people!”.


The MTX-RC regulator is the high end regulator. It has the same dropped purge button, raised edges to protect the regulators from damage, and the over-moulded and over-balanced first stage and environmental steal. The biggest difference between the MTX-R and the MTX-RC is that the MTX-RC has a venturi adjuster. This means the diver is able to lighten up the breathing for warm water diving. Oyster Instructor Tom uses the MTX-RCs, and loves the adjustability to really tweak them to exactly what he would like, the reliability that comes with the MTX range, and the ability to use them in all the different types of diving that he does.


All-in-all, the MTX range are two great regulators, especially for cold water divers, like tec or sidemount divers, or people diving in the UK. If you want the only set of regulators you’ll ever need to own, the MTX-RCs are the set for you, with the ability to set the breathing rate for warmer water, but them also being rated for extreme cold temperatures as well. If you are not concerned about setting your breathing rate, or very rarely go into warm water, then go with the MTX-Rs!
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