• £307.00

Mares Pure SLS BCD

The streamlined Pure BCD offers swivel shoulder buckles, smart trim weight positioning and maximum adjustability. A great BC!


  • Comfortable and stable back buoyancy BC with 18kg lift (40 lbs)
  • Streamlined
  • Swivel shoulder buckles
  • Smart trim weight positioning
  • SLS weight system
  • Roll-down cargo pocket
  • Waist strap allows maximum adjustability
  • Customizable and travel friendly
  • Visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion
  • Personalizable label on weight pockets

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  • Backmounted
    Air-cell separated from the harness, resulting in unrestricted freedom of movement.
  • Ergo Inflator
    The standard inflation and deflation control device used in sanctioned training programs. Intuitive use and secure grip.



Weight system: SLS
Lift: 170N (Size L)
Material: Cordura 420
Rings: 7 in Stainless steel
Weight: 3.9kg (size L)
Backpack: Monoplate
Weightsystem Capacity: XS-XL: 4kg/9lbs