Aqua Lung Pro HD Women

  • £406.00
  • Save £71

The AquaLung Pro HD Women's BCD is a feature-rich, budget-friendly BCD with everything the modern diver needs with a custom fit for female divers. The wrap around jacket style holds you in place in the BCD and has dual zip pockets on the waist.

Integrated Weight Pockets hold the weights away from your hips for comfort and so you don't need a weight belt. Octo and SPG Pockets mean that you can tuck your hoses away securely and don't need clips to hold them in place.


Who's the Pro HD For?

The Pro HD is a solid BCD for both entry-level and experienced scuba divers and specifically shaped and designed for the female figure. The tough ResisteK Material will last and maintain colour long-term thanks to it's resistance to fading and abrasion.


  • SureLock II Integrated Weights - Quick One-Hand Release weight pockets.
  • ResisteK Material - Resists fading and abrasion in both salt water and chlorine
  • Backpack Handle - for easy carrying and moving
  • Tank Band Pockets - trim weight pouches for additional fixed weights
  • Large Pull Bobs - waist pockets can be openned easily from the front and back
  • Octo & SPG - cutouts on both sides to fold your octo hose to store it on your hip without a clip and your SPG can be routed inside the BCD to protect the hose and keep it neat.
  • Adjustable Chest Strap
  • D-rings, and knife attachment points
  • BC164010
BCD Style Jacket
Backplate Type Padded rigid
Dive Type Scuba
Integrated Weights SureLock II
Storage Pockets Yes
Trim Weight Pouches Yes