Aqua Lung Transmitter Rev2

  • £228.00

Aqua Lung Transmitter Rev2

Aqua Lung’s Transmitters, used in conjunction with a compatible wrist computer, allow you to monitor current pressure and air time remaining without a stiff high-pressure hose while providing a more streamlined profile. The Aqua Lung Pressure Gauge delivers both remaining air pressure and temperature in one easy-to-read display.


• Hoseless Air Pressure Transmission for the i450T, i470TC and i770R

• Once set, the transmitter is permanently paired and will not accidentally pair with other computers

• The battery is user changeable and commercially available

• Two Pressure Transmitters available: 21% O2 (outside the EU up to 40% O2 due to European Norm EN 144-3:2003) and 100% O2 clean