• £449.00

Beuchat X-TREM Semi-Dry Suit | Mens

This 6,5mm neoprene overall from Beuchat comes with a special liquid seal design for an extra comfortable suit. The front zipper allows divers to dress without assistance and offers greater freedom of movement and easy access to gear during the dive.

  • 6,5mm neoprene Elaskin X 6.6
  • Fireskin 2 for maximum warmth
  • Improved water tightness and reinforced protection of seams by liquid seal
  • Large volume pocket with compact form to hold a mask and other accessories
  • Beuchat Universal Computer Holder to keep a computer in place

Anatomical cut

  • Quality design and know-how from Beuchat, the inventor of the modern diving suit
  • Special exclusive pattern designed in France
  • New Beuchat cut specially designed to make for a flexible and comfortable suit with liquid PU seams

Pre-formed to fit the curvature of the lower back and crotch for a snug fitting suit.

High quality

  • Beuchat quality and craftsmanship embodied in meticulous detailing and finish
  • Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with liquid PU outer coating and internal/external overlock.
  • Maximum ease of movement in diving
  • Zipper position designed to allow maximum ease of movement for the arms during the dive, offering more comfort and less restriction
  • Front zipper enables divers to dress without assistance, offers more flexibility and avoids back discomfort
  • Easy access and handling for your own gear and that of your partne
  • Watertight flexible plastic arm-to-arm front TiZiP fastener makes for easier dressing/undressing and greater comfort during the dive.

Extra comfort

  • Ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene for improved comfort and greater ease of movement
  • Thinner seamless single-piece face seals (-1 mm) for optimum comfort
  • Edged cuffs
  • Easy Wave System at ankles and wrists
  • High thermal protection
  • Tizip MasterSeal 10 dry plastic zipper
  • Enhanced water tightness with liquid seal
  • Fireskin 2 for maximum warmth
  • Easy Wave System inner seals for the forearms and shins with smooth fitting cuffs that seat themselves automatically during dressing
  • 360° face seal

Toughness, durability

  • Improved protection and water tightness thanks to liquid seals
  • Supratex reinforcements at knees and elbows for longer life and more flexibility
  • One-piece face seal for improved durability
  • Neoprene flap protecting the watertight zip

Hood Holder System (Beuchat original)

  • Hood Holder System with Velcro grip on pocket: the diver can attach the hood to the suit when not wearing it to avoid losing or forgetting it, or having to hold it in one hand

Simple, watertight HPS (Hood Positioning System)

  • Fixes the hood to the suit safely and easily thanks to Velcro fasteners
  • Collar with baffle at the V of the collar to hold the hood flap
  • This system offers the water tightness of a double collar with the simplicity of a single collar

Compact large capacity pocket

  • Ingenious half-gusset system offers large stowage capacity within a compact pocket shape to avoid impacting hydrodynamics or comfort
  • Large easy-access pocket (to hold a mask and other accessories) with Velcro fastener and inner D-ring to attach and secure equipment
  • Drainage eyelets in the pocket

Beuchat Universal Computer Holder (Beuchat original)

  • Beuchat Universal Computer Holder to keep a computer in place on right or left wrist
Type Semi-dry
To use Cold water
Neoprene Elaskin X 6.6
Reinforcements Supratex 2
Fireskin 2
Ebay Wave System (Seals)
Universal Computer Holder
Air Escape System
Hood Holder
High Quality Preformed
Material Jersey inside
Norme EN 14225-1 CLASS A (Temp. 7 - 18°C)