Dynaflex 5.5mm-7mm Jumpsuit

  • £290.00

Aqua Lung Dynaflex 5.5mm-7mm Jumpsuit

With its separate hood included, this back-zipped wetsuit serves the classic segment of a base layer – with a feature-rich package. Thanks to the new 4-way super-stretch neoprene using UltraspanTM fabric, double water-seal cuffs and a semi-sealed slider closure, Dynaflex provides a perfect fit with maximum comfort and warmth. To make life easier before and after diving, the neck opens using a slider, this is an amazing feature when a diver has to sit and wait for the water entry. A removable pocket and a computer attachment on each sleeve are just two of its many plus points that make this suit a complete partner for you and your equipment.



• Ultraspan™ outer fabric and 4-way super-stretch, tightweave fabric.

• This fabric is abrasion-resistant and fastens using VelcroTM, so that your suit always looks good.

• Manufactured using double-glued, double-thread stitched seams. All the seams inside the suit are sealed to stop them bursting, making it unbelievably comfortable and long-lasting.

• Double water-seals with slider on arms and legs to limit any water getting in, also make the suit easier to put on and take off.

• Ergonomic panels under the arms for comfortable movement. • Legs and arms are preshaped for greater comfort.

• G-Lock™ slider on the back combines with a double flap, giving a perfect seal that stops water and cold getting in.

• Slider closure on the front of the neck, fitted with a sealed gusset for greater comfort before or after diving.

• Supratex kneepads giving excellent abrasion resistance and great flexibility.

• Graphics printed on the shoulders to protect your suit from any buoyancy compensator rubbing.

• A rubber loop on each arm holds your computer in a good reading position. • An easily-positioned, removable 3D pocket on the right thigh, with a net base to drain the water.

• A loop at the end of the slider and a strap on the runner to help get the wetsuit on and off.

• The hood has a seal around the face and a purge system to let any trapped air out and stop any water from getting in.

• Reflective prints on the top of the hood and back of the calf improve visibility during dives.