Global Adventurer Dive Package

  • £1,295.00

A premium level package offering the best products from the worlds largest equipment manufacturer.  Suitable for UK and overseas diving.

Package contains:

  • Legend LX Supreme Regulators
  • Pressure and depth gauge
  • Octopus
  • Axiom i3 or Soul i3 BCD
  • 5.5mm Comfort Balance Wetsuit
  • FREE Defense XL Duffel worth £96

Legend LX Regulators

The Legend LX Supreme is specially adjusted to resist freezing with the same high performance features and ease of breathing as the Legend LUX but without the pink gold finish. The Legend LX Supreme is equipped with an over-sized lipshield on the second stage to keep lips warm and like the Legend LUX, features the Master Breathing System (MBS).

Axiom i3 BCD

The i3 is a feature-rich, jacket style BC that incorporates Aqua Lung’s patented i3 inflation / deflation system. Its amazing comfort and stability come from the integrated Wrapture™ Harness System. The Axiom is made from durable, fade-resistant materials and comes in a black/navy blue/grey colour combination. Integrated weights are held securely in place with SureLock II mechanical weight system and the cylinder is secured with the GripLock™ tank band.

In our opinion this is one of the best BCD's on the market and is ideal for new divers.

Aqua Lung Balance Comfort 5.5mm Wetsuit

Aqua Lung Balance Comfort 5.5mm Men's Wetsuit has been updated with those cool vibrant design, while keeping the suit durable and practical.

Together with the Balance Comfort Shorty it makes a modular suit which allows for more freedom when it comes to choosing the best fitting sizes.

The versatility of this combination is incredible as it allows for layering for cooler waters but it's not too toasty for the lower latitudes either. This suit is a great buy when you're looking for the best of both worlds.