Horizon DS Mask

  • £86.00

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Aqua Lung Horizon DS Mask

The Aqua Lung Horizon is hard frame twin lens mask that offers a great field of vision. Its low volume and has a stylish teardrop shape. It comes with easy to operate flexible joints buckles and a 3D strap. All packaged in a luxury zippered Aqua Lung branded EVA case. The Horizon is available in two lens options: the “Plus” and the “Blue” HD Mirror lens.


• Twin lens mask with a teardrop shape.

• Low Profile makes it easy to clear.

• Choice of Plus or Blue mirrored HD lenses that block HEV light.

• Anti-fog coating to aid for crystal clear viewing.

• Buckle to skirt so you can fold the mask flat for storage in BCD or suit pocket.

• Counter-post push button activation make strap adjustment easy when using wearing gloves.

• 3D mask strap to perfectly and comfortably fit the diver’s head and keep the strap securely in place.

• Comes in a zippered EVA case for keeping it secure and in great condition post dive or during storage.

Did you know?

The human eye sees the opposing “complementary” colour of whatever colour is absorbed by an object which is why things appear yellow when blue light is blocked. This explains why most lenses designed to block HEV light have a yellowish tint. Aqua Lung included two lens options for their new masks: The «Plus» and «Blue» HD» Mirror lenses. Both technologies block our harmful HEV light that could damage your eyes` retina.

- The “Plus” HD lens allows a moderate level of light into the eye and provides some glare protection while enhancing warm colours underwater. It’s a practical lens technology for changing conditions.

- The “Blue” HD Mirrored lens provides excellent vision in both high and low light environments. In low-level light this lens technology offers a clearer vision, amplifies the light and provides higher contrast. In high light levels, it also reduces glare