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The first inhalation under water is the start of a new adventure. The revolutionary combination of venturi effect and inhalation effort adjustment is natural and intuitive. Aqua Lung`s Master Breathing System allows divers to control both in one simple rotation. All depths, all conditions, all dives - MBS will adapt.

The Master Breathing System is a new way to adjust the comfort on a second stage. The diver can perfectly master breathing comfort in one simple rotation. The MBS is a unique combined adjustment, it controls the inhalation effort and the venturi effect automatically.

With the MBS on minimum position (only one full rotation): The spring is fully compressed and the inhalation effort is about 3 mbar higher. A free flow is contained when the venturi blade restricts the injection outlet. With the MBS on maximum position : The injection of the airstream is unrestricted and the flow is maximized