Ultimate Travel Dive Kit Package

  • £950.00

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If you are only planning in diving in warm waters then this is the ultimate complete set of dive kit designed for travellers. It has everything you need except tank and weights which are generally included in the cost of dives. SAVE OVER £530! RRP £1486.00. 

If you are doing a course with us then we will bring your kit to the pool so you learn to dive in your own equipment and get familiar with it. We will even show you how to set it up and look after it. Please note that regulators are only suitable for water temperatures of 10 degree Celsius and above.

The package includes:

Apeks Outlaw BCD
Apeks Flight regulators - first stage, 2nd stage, octopus and SPG
Aqua Lung Hydroflex shorty wetsuit
Aqua Lung i100
Aqua Lung Storm fins
Aqua Lung Favola mask
Aqua Lung Duffle Bag that all your kit will fit in to