W4 7mm Wetsuit: Womens

  • £339.00

Waterproof W4 7mm Wetsuit: Womens

*Discontinued - While supplies last*

W4 is the latest back-zip wetsuit design by Waterproof. After nearly 30 years of wetsuit-making experience, they have put all our knowledge into this high-quality suit with an eye-catching retro-futuristic design.
The 3D anatomical design, with pre-bent arms and legs with stretch panels and gender specific construction ensures a comfor table fit and a relaxing body position in the water. 3D-moulded real rubber kneepads are perfect for the diving instructor who spends a lot of time on his/her knees in the water while teaching. Double smooth-skin seals at arms and legs, adjustable neck and a 10mm spinepad, and an extra seal at the back zipper work together to keep the cold water out. Seals are designed to fit WP boots and gloves. All zippers are in the top class Vislon from YKK. The Bronze slider in the back zipper ensures trouble-free function for many years.

Interactive SIZING CHART - get the perfect fit without coming in to the store!

It features ToughTex panels at elbows and knees, bonded HiQ Nylon thread and 100% CR neoprene in all panels - quality in every detail. The W4 also features double computer strap anchors with antislip, comfort front neck zipper, inner plush lining, and seat and shoulder antislip reinforcement.

The WPAD™, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is a soft artfully constructed docking station located on the right thigh for our expandable pocket. The pocket is big enough to keep an extra mask, slate, deco tables, GoPro camera etc. Use the pocket when needed, if you want to streamline your set up, dive without it.