Celebrate 50 years of Technical Excellence with the MTX-RC 50 Year Anniversary Edition Regulator.

Apeks MTX-RC 50 Year Anniversary - Oyster Diving
Kwang Pitcha
Kwang Pitcha

Take control of your diving environment with this special edition regulator that seamlessly blends rugged, military-grade engineering with sophisticated and luxurious finishes. The MTX-RC offers the renowned supersmooth breathing experience that Apeks regulators are known for, allowing you to dive your way.

Equipped with the same freeze-resistant technology found in the entire MTX-R range, the MTX-RC prevents freeflows even in the coldest temperatures. It provides users with the flexibility to adjust for a comfortable breathing experience in less extreme environments, making it versatile for various diving conditions.

The innovative 1st stage design protects the regulator from freezing, while the full set of user controls on the 2nd stage allows divers to customize breathing performance based on individual needs.

Whether you're diving in warm or cold waters, going deep, or exploring any environment, the MTX-RC is designed to accompany you anywhere. Coated in black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and bronze Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), the MTX-RC 50 Year Anniversary Edition is not just a regulator – it's a piece of Apeks diving history. This limited-edition regulator commemorates 50 years of technical excellence and precision engineering.

Each regulator comes with its own unique serial number and is paired with a special 50-year commemorative coin, making it a truly exclusive and collectible item for diving enthusiasts. Dive into the future with the MTX-RC 50 Year Anniversary Edition – a testament to Apeks' commitment to innovation and quality in the world of diving.


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