Apeks Ocea XL4

Apeks Ocea XL4
Kwang Pitcha
Kwang Pitcha

Diving enthusiasts, get ready to embrace a new era in eco-friendly dive equipment with the Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator Set. This groundbreaking regulator is not only a game-changer in terms of its environmental impact, but it also offers top-tier performance for divers of all levels. In this article, we'll explore the remarkable features of the Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator and its connection to Oyster Diving's enticing trade-in offer.


In this article, we delve into the Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator, a revolutionary piece of dive equipment that combines top-tier performance with an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing. This regulator is designed to be environmentally conscious while delivering outstanding functionality for divers of all levels.

Environmentally Conscious Design

The Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator is a significant step forward in environmentally responsible dive equipment manufacturing. Crafted from recycled materials and innovative bio-plastics, it's a regulator designed with the planet in mind. But that's not all – the factory where these regulators are produced is powered by solar energy, making it one of the most eco-sensitive manufacturing facilities in the diving industry.

Apeks takes pride in being the first dive equipment manufacturer to create such a sustainable regulator. According to their estimates, the XL4 Ocea Regulator contributes to removing approximately five times its weight in plastic from the environment. This is a remarkable achievement that sets the XL4 Ocea apart from other regulators. When you choose this regulator, you're not only investing in top-notch dive equipment but also contributing to a cleaner planet.

1st and 2nd stage Apeks Ocea XL4

The Apeks XL4 Ocea DS4 Platform First Stage

The XL4 Ocea's first stage is built on the tried-and-true DS4 platform. Known for its reliability and versatility, the DS4 is a favorite among divers across various disciplines. Its over-balanced diaphragm design ensures superior performance at different depths, making it suitable for both warm and cold water diving.

What makes the XL4 Ocea stand out is its two high-pressure and four medium-pressure ports. This configuration provides exceptional flexibility for divers, whether you prefer a standard SPG setup or air integration. Plus, with ocean-inspired engravings and distinctive color patterns, the XL4 Ocea is not just high-performing but visually appealing too.

Key Features of the Apeks XL4 Ocea First Stage

  • Based on the renowned DS4 first stage.
  • Over-balanced diaphragm design for superior depth performance.
  • Equipped with 2 HP ports and 4 MP ports for customization and hose routing.

Apeks XL4 Ocea Primary Regulator and Octopus - Oyster Diving

Apeks XL4 Ocea Primary Regulator and Octopus

The XL4 Ocea's primary regulator and octopus are built for high performance. With a pneumatically balanced lever-operated poppet valve, they deliver breathing gas smoothly at any depth. What sets these regulators apart is their compact and lightweight design, reducing jaw fatigue during longer dives.

Features of the Apeks XL4 Ocea Second Stage

  • Compact and lightweight second stage.
  • High-performance pneumatically balanced lever-operated poppet valve.
  • Large, over-molded self-flushing and controllable purge button.
  • Ergonomic Venturi lever for ease of use.
  • Flexible nylon braided hose with excellent cold water performance.
  • Standard metallic hose connection for interchangeability.
  • Comfo-bite mouthpiece to reduce jaw tension.
  • Reusable mouthpiece clip for easy maintenance.
  • Efficient bubble diversion thanks to durable and flexible rubber exhaust tees.

Trade in Offer with Oyster Diving

Trade-In Offer by Oyster Diving

Now, let's connect this incredible regulator to Oyster Diving. For a limited time, until December 31st, you can take advantage of a fantastic trade-in offer. If you trade in any brand of regulator for an equivalent Apeks Ocea regulator, you'll enjoy a generous 30% discount off the recommended retail price.

This offer not only makes the Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator more accessible but also allows you to upgrade to a more environmentally conscious and high-performing piece of dive equipment. So, if you're ready to dive into a more sustainable and thrilling underwater adventure, consider taking advantage of this exclusive offer from Oyster Diving here.

The Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator Set represents a leap forward in eco-friendly dive equipment, and its trade-in offer from Oyster Diving makes it an even more attractive choice for divers. When you choose the XL4 Ocea, you're not just investing in your diving experience; you're also making a positive impact on the environment. So, go ahead, explore the depths with confidence, and embrace the future of diving with Apeks and Oyster Diving.

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