Bare Reactive - The worlds warmest scuba diving wetsuit

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Bare Reactive - The worlds warmest scuba diving wetsuit
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy

Bare Reactive – The Worlds Best Mens Wetsuit

Bare are the only scuba diving manufacturer that uses ‘grade A neoprene’. Most other manufacturers all us the same supplier to produce their neoprene but Bare wanted something more premium when they built the ‘Reactive’.

There are three thicknesses available for different water temperatures; 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. For many people that I’ve spoken believe the 5mm is as good as many 7mm wetsuits they’ve tried and the 7mm often replaces dry suits.

So apart from using the best neoprene in their wetsuits what other technology does Bare use in the Reactive?

This is the claim from Bare….

“Celliant® Infrared Technology captures the body heat from your own natural movement and reflects that wasted energy back to your body, helping you maintain your warmth and comfort. This fabric technology is found in Reactive, Velocity Ultra, and Evoke wetsuits.”

Having worn many different wetsuits I can tell you that this claim is true. We were recently on a Oyster Diving Club trip to the Galapagos and 3 of our customers brought their Reactive’s along. Many of the other divers were wearing thick 2-piece wetsuits and various amounts of other types of thermal protection. The guys wearing the Reactives found that their 7mm’s were more than adequate for the coldest of our dive sites which was around 16 degrees for around an hour.

As well as the thermal protection qualities Bare also offer a lifelong manufacturers guarantee. So while it may initially cost more than most other wetsuits in the long run it will probably save you money.

The Bare Reactive is now available in our online dive store.



1 comment
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