Aqualung Reveal X2

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Aqualung Reveal X2

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Aqualung Reveal X2

Discover the epitome of comfort and fit with the Aqualung Reveal X2 dive mask, engineered to provide unparalleled comfort and a flawless fit for divers of all levels. Years of meticulous research and testing have resulted in the creation of the Reveal, a premium diving mask designed to deliver exceptional comfort and a leak-free seal. Crafted from top-quality crystal-clear silicone and featuring an ergonomic skirt profile, the Reveal sets a new standard for diving mask performance.

Aqualung Reveal X2 Key Features:

  • Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS): The Reveal features an innovative wrap-around geometry and utilizes a new grade of crystal-clear silicone for a soft and comfortable fit that accommodates a wide range of face shapes.
  • Advanced Fit Technology (AFT): Enhances the sealing features of the silicone skirt, improving overall fit, comfort, and feel for an optimized diving experience.
  • Spherical Silicone Head Band Strap: The innovative design of the silicone strap, shaped like a sphere, ensures a secure and comfortable fit on the diver's head, keeping the strap securely in place throughout the dive.
  • Quick Fit Buckles: Equipped with one-touch button release buckles attached directly to the silicone skirt, allowing for easy adjustment even while wearing thick gloves, ensuring stability and comfort.
  • Lightweight Construction: The single-lens version of the Reveal features an innovative construction system that makes it the lightest single lens mask (non-frameless) on the market, reducing fatigue and enhancing comfort during extended dives.

Aqualung Reveal X2 Benefits:

  • Unmatched Comfort: Experience unparalleled comfort during dives with the Reveal's super soft silicone skirt and ergonomic profile, providing a comfortable fit for divers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Leak-Free Seal: The combination of the Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt and Advanced Fit Technology ensures a secure and leak-free seal, minimizing water ingress and maximizing comfort throughout the dive.
  • Easy Adjustment: The Quick Fit Buckles allow for easy and precise adjustment, even while wearing gloves, ensuring a perfect fit for every dive.
  • Enhanced Visibility: With its wide panoramic lens design, the Reveal provides excellent visibility and enhanced situational awareness, allowing divers to fully immerse themselves in the underwater environment.
  • Lightweight Design: The lightweight construction of the Reveal reduces fatigue and strain during dives, allowing for longer and more comfortable underwater exploration.

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