Fourth Element Navigator Mask

  • £74.95

Navigator Mask

The Fourth Element Navigator Mask completes the fantastic range of new dive masks from Fourth Element. It is designed and made with technical divers in mind, offering a great field of vision and delivering two types of lens - clarity and enhancement.

Fourth Element Navigator Mask - Clarity on Enhance Lens?

The Fourth Element Navigator Mask with Clarity Lens is manufactured with the highest purity level, delivering a classic clear experience in all-around conditions. The clear lens is ideal for night divers and photographers, night divers, and instructors. It will also benefit all the overhead environment divers such as a cave, cavern and wreck divers.

The Fourth Element Navigator Mask with Enhancing Lens offers eye protection with its ultraviolet and HEV (High Energy Visible) filters. It contributes to increasing the colour and contrast in all water conditions.

Fourth Element Navigator Mask - Classical or Wide Fit?

The Fourth Element Navigator mask has a super soft silicone skirt which minimises pressure on your face but maximises the fit and comfort during long technical runtimes. To achieve this, the silicon skirt is offered in two sizes - Classical Skirt and Wide Skirt. The Classical Skirt should fit most face morphologies from small to regular, while a wide skirt may be more suitable for larger face morphology.

The Fourth Element suggests getting the best out of your Fourth Element Navigator Mask; you shouldrinse your mask with fresh water until you can fully clean it. Use warm fresh water to rinse the mask. This will dissolve salt crystals that are stuck to the mask. Rinse the Navigator mask thoroughly using fresh or filtered water. Towel dry the mask completely before storing securely in the box.

The Fourth Element Navigator Mask comes with a standard silicone strap in zero plastic packaging. 

  • A dive mask with excellent field of vision
  • Soft silicone skirt, fully recyclable
  • Moulded, fully recyclable silicone mask strap
  • Tempered glass lens with two lens option
  • Available as a Classic and Wide Fit dive mask