Halcyon Eclipse Pro System

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Halcyon Eclipse Pro System

Introducing the Halcyon Eclipse Pro System, an advanced BC system that combines rugged durability with signature Halcyon design for unparalleled performance and versatility in diving.

Halcyon Eclipse Pro System Key Features:

  1. Eclipse BC Design: Built upon the classic ruggedness of the popular Eclipse BC, the Eclipse Pro system feature Halcyon's signature design with a long, narrow profile and time-tested construction, ensuring reliability and durability underwater.
  2. CE Certified Wings: Available in 20-, 30-, or 40-lb. lift capacities, the CE Certified wings provide optimal buoyancy control and stability during dives, catering to divers of varying experience levels and equipment configurations.
  3. Carbon Fiber Cinch Backplate: The system includes a Carbon Fiber Cinch backplate, offering a lightweight yet sturdy foundation for the BC system, with the patented Cinch Quick Adjust system for effortless adjustments and a perfect fit.
  4. ACB10 Integrated Weight Pockets: Integrated weight pockets provide a streamlined and secure method for weight distribution, enhancing comfort and reducing drag underwater.
  5. Quick-Adjust Crotch Strap: The Quick-Adjust Crotch Strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for rapid adjustments to accommodate different body shapes and sizes.
  6. Carbon Fiber Single Tank Adapter (STA): The system includes the Carbon Fiber STA with two cam straps, bringing the tank closer to the diver's center while minimizing weight and maximizing flexibility during dives.
  7. Deluxe Shoulder Harness Pads: Enjoy enhanced comfort with the Deluxe Shoulder Harness Pads, ensuring long-lasting comfort during extended dives.
  8. Single Tank Adapter Straps: The system comes equipped with Single Tank Adapter Straps for secure attachment and stability of the tank.
  9. Assembled for Single Tank Diving: The system is shipped assembled for single tank diving, providing convenience and ease of use for divers.
  10. Inflator with LP Hose: The Halcyon wings come standard with an inflator featuring a 52 CM / 22 IN LP hose, ensuring reliable inflation and deflation during dives.
  11. Custom Colors Available: Customize your Eclipse Pro system with a range of custom colors to suit your personal style and preferences.

Take your diving to the next level with the Halcyon Eclipse Pro system, perfect for long-distance travel or local adventures. Experience the ultimate combination of performance, durability, and versatility with this premium BC system from Halcyon.

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