Halcyon Eclipse system

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Halcyon Eclipse system

Introducing the Halcyon Eclipse System, a revolutionary buoyancy compensator system that sets a new standard for single-cylinder recreational diving. Engineered with streamlined design and essential features, the Eclipse system offers unparalleled performance and simplicity for divers of all levels.

Halcyon Eclipse System Key Features:

  1. CE Certified Buoyancy Compensator (Wing): Available in 20-, 30-, or 40-lb. lift capacities, the CE Certified wing provides optimal buoyancy control and stability during dives, catering to divers' varying needs and preferences.
  2. Choice of Backplate Material: Choose from carbon fiber, aluminum, or stainless steel backplates in standard or small sizes, allowing divers to customize their system for the perfect balance of strength, weight, and comfort.
  3. Complete Secure Harness: The harness is infinitely adjustable and designed to fit the diver perfectly, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for extended periods underwater.
  4. Halcyon MC Storage Pak™: Conveniently stow lift devices with the Halcyon MC Storage Pak™, keeping essential equipment within reach during dives.
  5. Stainless Steel Single Tank Adapter (STA): The stainless steel STA provides a sturdy and secure attachment point for the single tank, ensuring stability and control during dives.
  6. Assembly Required: The Eclipse System requires assembly, allowing divers to customize their setup according to their preferences and needs.
  7. Inflator with LP Hose: The Halcyon wings come standard with an inflator featuring a 52 CM / 22 IN LP hose, ensuring reliable inflation and deflation during dives.
  8. Custom Colors Available: Customize your Eclipse System with a range of custom colors, allowing you to personalize your gear to suit your style and preferences.
  9. STA without Weight: The STA is available without weight, providing flexibility in configuring the system to meet individual diving requirements.
  10. Integrated Weight Pockets (ACBS System): The Active Control Ballast System (ACBS) offers integrated weight pockets for streamlined weight distribution and improved balance underwater, enhancing comfort and maneuverability.

Experience the simplicity and performance of the Halcyon Eclipse System, designed to streamline your diving experience and maximize enjoyment underwater.

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