Halcyon Oral Inflate DAM

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Halcyon Oral Inflate DAM

The Halcyon Oral Inflate DAM (Diver's Alert Marker) or SMB is an essential safety tool for divers, designed to provide high visibility and reliable performance during dives. This marker can be easily inflated at depth and is equipped with advanced features to ensure it functions effectively in various diving conditions.

Halcyon Oral Inflate DAM Key Features:

  • Easy Inflation at Depth:

    • The Diver's Alert Marker (DAM) is designed to be easily inflated while underwater, ensuring quick deployment when needed.
  • Integrated Over Pressure-Relief Valve:

    • Each marker comes with an integrated over pressure-relief valve, allowing safe deployment from depth and preventing over-inflation.
  • Compact and Portable:

    • When deflated, the DAM can be conveniently stored in a Halcyon thigh pocket or backplate MC Storage Pak, making it easy to carry on any dive.
  • No-Lock® Connector:

    • Features the Halcyon No-Lock® connector, which allows for oral inflation or connection to a low-pressure (LP) hose, providing flexibility in how you inflate the marker.
  • Color Options for Versatility:

    • Available in several high-visibility colors, including yellow, shocking pink, and orange. Divers can choose different colors to indicate position or emergency situations, enhancing communication and safety underwater.

Halcyon Oral Inflate DAM Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: The DAM provides a reliable way to signal your position or an emergency situation, increasing safety for solo divers and groups.
  • Convenient Deployment: Easily inflated at depth and equipped with a relief valve, the marker can be deployed quickly and safely.
  • Compact Storage: The ability to deflate and store the marker in a thigh pocket or backplate ensures it is always accessible without being cumbersome.
  • Versatile Inflation Options: The No-Lock® connector offers the flexibility of oral inflation or LP hose connection, catering to different diving preferences and situations.
  • High Visibility: The choice of bright colors ensures the DAM is easily seen from a distance, improving diver visibility to boats and other divers.


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