Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Edition Dive Computer

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Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Edition Dive Computer

Dark Edition
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Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Edition Dive Computer

Shearwater is excited to launch the Adventure Edition of the popular Peregrine Dive Computer. It comes in two stunning colourways, Light and Dark Edition, that draw inspiration from vibrant underwater worlds. Simple, Intuitive Layout, Easy to Navigate!

Aimed at the recreational and extended-range diver, the Peregrine Light and Dark offer simple-to-use single gas air and nitrox mode (up to 40% O2) but also provides room to grow and progress as you learn new skills and qualifications that allow for more advanced diving, including 3-gas underwater switchable nitrox mode (up to 100% O2). Full Shearwater Peregrine manual available HERE.

The Shearwater Peregrine Light edition captivates with its translucent coral seas, white, and silver foam colours, and ocean teal accents while the Shearwater Peregrine Dark edition evokes temperate waters with its steel grey colours and sporty orange accents. Each option comes in a Light & Dark colour-coded ballistic nylon case, perfect for packing your gear when setting out on your next dive adventure. The wetsuit length strap keeps the Dive Computer sleek on your wrist, while the colourful shock cords keep it tight for drysuit divers or those who want a minimalist style. Tactile stainless steel buttons are easy-to-use with or without gloves, plus they match the strap buckles for extra flair. To top it off, the Peregrine logo flashes white which complements both the inner bezel and bright display that makes it easy to read. Get ready to go diving with Shearwater's Peregrine Dive Computer!

Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Edition Dive Computer Features:

  • Full colour 2.2" LCD display
  • Rugged rubber bumper
  • Rated to 120m / 390ft
  • Air, Single-gas nitrox, and multi-gas nitrox modes
  • Simplified recreational diving modes
  • Full decompression support
  • Buhlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors
  • No lockout for violating deco stops
  • CNS tracking
  • Quick No-deco limit (NDL) planner
  • Full decompression planner
  • Customisable vibration alerts
  • Programmable depth sampling rates
  • Bluetooth dive log uploading to Shearwater Cloud
  • Wireless charging
  • Firmware upgrades over Bluetooth
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