Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

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Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

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Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

The Shearwater Teric Dive Computer stands out as an exceptional underwater companion, featuring a vibrant AMOLED screen that delivers vivid displays even in challenging conditions. It boasts an innovative Free Diving mode, allowing for programmable sampling rates, configurable alarms, and enhanced management of ascent and descent rates. This multifunctional dive computer is available in three stylish colours – black, silver, and blue – and supports various diving modes, including freediving, open-circuit, and closed-circuit diving with fixed ppO2, and gas mixtures. The Teric's user-friendly interface, 3D compass, and customizable buttons provide unmatched versatility and convenience.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery and seamless integration with Shearwater Cloud for dive logging, the Teric proves to be a comprehensive and adaptable tool for divers. Additionally, its continuous firmware updates via Bluetooth ensure it remains cutting-edge in the ever-evolving world of diving technology.

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer Features:

  • Open circuit
  • Closed-circuit
  • Trimix
  • New Freediving mode
  • Gauge mode
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Rugged construction
  • 30+ hours Dive mode at 100% brightness
  • 50+ hours Watch mode at 100% brightness
  • Bluetooth and wireless charging; no custom cables required
  • Configurable, faster log sampling
  • Switchable audible and vibration motor alerts
  • Air Integration - up to 2 transmitters
  • Optional multi-colour straps are available

Why Choose The Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

The Shearwater Teric Dive Computer stands out as a top choice for scuba divers due to its advanced features, robust design, and user-friendly interface. In this detailed explanation, we'll explore the key reasons why a scuba diver should consider the Shearwater Teric Dive Computer.

The Shearwater Teric Advanced Dive Algorithm

The Shearwater Teric utilizes the renowned Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm, known for its precision and reliability in calculating decompression stops. This algorithm ensures safer dives by accurately tracking nitrogen absorption and release. Divers can personalize their decompression settings with customizable gradient factors, allowing for a more tailored and flexible dive profile.

Intuitive And Customisable Interface Of The Shearwater Teric

The Teric features a vibrant and high-resolution colour AMOLED display, providing clear and easy-to-read information in various lighting conditions. Intuitive menus make navigation simple, even for divers with varying levels of experience. This ensures quick and efficient access to critical information underwater. Divers can personalize their display screens, choosing the data they find most relevant for their dive, such as depth, time, gas information, and more.

The Teric Multi Gas Features

The Teric supports up to five different gas mixes, accommodating a wide range of diving scenarios, including nitrox and trimix. Designed for versatility, the Teric is compatible with Closed-Circuit Rebreathers (CCR), making it suitable for both recreational and technical divers.

Combine all of this with the Teric's rechargeable battery that provides an extended dive time on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent battery changes and the convenient magnetic USB charging, the Shearwater Teric Dive Computer stands out as a superb and reliable choice for scuba divers. The Teric is a complete package for divers of all levels. Choosing the Shearwater Teric enhances the overall diving experience, providing safety, convenience, and flexibility.

If this is not the computer you are looking for, then check out the full Shearwater Dive Computers or our extensive range of Dive Computers.

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