XDEEP Weight pockets

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XDEEP Weight pockets

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XDEEP Weight Pockets

The XDEEP Weight Pockets offer divers a versatile solution for carrying weights during dives. Available in three capacities: 2x2kg, 2x3kg, or 2x6kg, these pockets accommodate various diving needs. The large capacity is particularly suited for cold-water dives, where heavy gear like drysuits and thick undergarments necessitate substantial weight. Additionally, the pockets feature an adjustment system, allowing for capacity reduction for warmer water dives, eliminating the need for pocket changes between dive trips.

XDEEP Weight pockets Key Features:

  • Easy and Safe Carrying: The weight is carried in an inner holder equipped with a strong handle, facilitating easier manipulation and enhancing safety. With this design, weights can be easily removed from the pocket and passed to the boat crew without the risk of dropping them.

  • Securely Mounted but Easily Droppable: Equipped with durable ITW NEXUS buckles, resistant to salty water and extreme temperatures, ensuring secure mounting. These buckles emit a reassuring "click" sound when fastened, providing confidence in the weight's safety. In case of an emergency, the large size of the buckle allows for quick weight release.

  • Protection Against Lead Compounds: The internal holders of XDEEP weight pockets offer protection against lead oxide, a carcinogenic compound found in solid belt weights. This feature prevents lead oxide particles from coming into contact with the skin during handling, offering a safer diving experience.

  • Solid and Stable Mounting: Mounted on the waist strap of the harness and screwed down to the backplate, ensuring stability and preventing unwanted movement during dives. This secure mounting mechanism keeps the weight in place even during changes in body position underwater.

  • Reinforced Front Edge: Featuring a rigid strap with an open pocket in the front part of the pocket, facilitating easy weight insertion, particularly useful during training dives or when wearing thick gloves for cold-water diving.

XDEEP Weight pockets Benefits:

  • Versatile: Available in different capacities to suit various diving needs and environments.
  • Safety: Easy handling and secure mounting mechanisms enhance diver safety during dives.
  • Convenience: Adjustable capacity and reinforced front edge make weight insertion and removal hassle-free, even with thick gloves.
  • Protection: Internal holders provide protection against harmful lead compounds, ensuring a safer diving experience.
  • Stability: Solid and stable mounting prevents weight movement, ensuring a comfortable and distraction-free dive.
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