Apeks Launches The DSX Dive Computer

Apeks Launches The DSX Dive Computer
Alex Varnals

Apeks Launches The DSX Dive Computer

The Apeks DSX Dive Computer, which will be launched on February 21st 2023, is Apeks' powerful, feature-rich, multi-function diving computer for technical divers, featuring Sidemount and CCR mode, and supplied with both a gas analyser and induction charging mat. The DSX is primed and ready to take you on your next adventure.

The Apeks DSX dive computer, which will be launched on February 21st 2023, is full of cutting-edge features, including a detailed dive planner for both open-circuit and closed-circuit technical diving. Divers can set automatic or user-customisable PPO2 setpoints within the unit in CC mode. You can also add custom dive slates for alternative decompression plans. In addition, the DSX’s titanium outer bezel saves weight while ensuring maximum durability. “DSX is Apeks’ very first dive computer and a one of its kind. It is our most advanced dive computer ever developed.”, says Maroun Ojail, RD Director for Dive Instruments.

For the recreational diver, the DSX uses a modified Bühlmann ZHL 16C Algorithm with both the tech and sport setting, implementing a high level of conservatism. However, when in the technical setting, you can fully adjust the gradient factors on the DSX computer to add more (or less) conservatism for the dive to increase safety. This function works whether you're on the surface or already diving. The DSX's comprehensive dive planner, technical divers can plan their time and depth limits and run a simulation to calculate gas requirements.

Another innovative aspect of the DSX is the GPS function letting you mark waypoints on the surface so you can repeatedly navigate back to your dive entry point. Additionally, with a 80-hour battery life, you could dive every day for four weeks before needing to recharge.

Unlike any other dive computer on the market, the DSX from Apeks is supplied with a gas analyser. This can be used by both recreational and technical divers to set both back gas and decompression gases, as well as to measure them.

“We are very proud to be launching this product with unique industry features such as Wayfinder to help the diver find their way on the surface by leveraging the GPS and the digital compass, an O2 Gas Analyzer to control the O2 content of the dive cylinders, a wide range of audible and haptic alarms to ensure the diver safety, as well as real-time, pressure reading from up to six transmitters.”, adds Maroun Ojail.

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