One of our customers reviews his new Aqua Lung Outlaw BCD

Posted by Mark Murphy on

Max recently purchased the new Aqua Lung Outlaw BCD from us, he has just returned from the Caribbean where he put it to good use. This is his review:

"I bought the Aqualung Outlaw BCD to have a lighter BCD for travelling and diving in warmer waters. I've completed 12 dives using the BCD and am very happy indeed with it. It's a snug, but very comfortable fit and while it doesn't have any pockets, it has plenty of attachment points. The back is flexible and well padded and has the excellent griplock tank band. The shoulder dump valve is easy to use, but the lower right pull takes a little bit of searching because the air bladder is quite loose by design. The plastic carabiner is useful - although I mainly used it as another loop to clip stuff to, rather than a clip in its own right. The webbed D-Rings are great - and I found the one on the right waist band to be perfectly positioned for my SMB. I don't have the surelock weight system. The unit arrives unassembled which is a good thing as you need to get fully familiar with the BCD from the start - it's easy and intuitive to assemble. The only criticism I have is that there's no knife attachment point - I've attached an aqualung squeezelock knife to a loop on the waist band and that works fine with no excess movement. It would be nice to have a guide loop for the SPG, but I bought another plastic carabiner from a well-known auction site and have that mounted on the left waist band and that works very well.

I definitely recommend this BCD

4.5 stars (would be 5 with knife attachment point and SPG routing)"

You can purchase and see more details on the Aqua Lung Outlaw on our site here.

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  • Is it possible to receive a picture of the squeeze lock knife mounted on the bcd?

    Erwin on
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