Aqua Lung i100 Product Review

Aqua Lung i100 Product Review
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy

Aqua Lung i100 Dive Computer Review

So we were pleased to see our Aqua Lung Rep Cath today who showed us a couple of new dive toys. The star of the show is the i100 dive computer.

This is an entry level dive computer but is a great price at only £155, much cheaper than similar computers from other brands. It has all of the standard features you would expect such as no decompression time, nitrox modes, gauge modes, 2 mixed gases to 100%, user changeable battery and downloadable data to ‘DiveLog’.

Our instructor Nick was initially sceptical having a one button computer as other dive computers with a single button are difficult to operate. However the i100 was very simple, a long press to select and a short press to scroll. Even Nick found it incredibly easy!

The looks are okay and it seems to be well made. Initially it is only available with a blue bezel but there are plans to roll out a black version too.

The only downside is that there is no back light, but if you are planning on doing lots of night dives and this is an important function, then either opt for the slightly more expensive i300 or just shine your torch on it.

Our overall view is that the Aqua Lung i100 is an incredibly simple and easy to use entry level computer. It would be perfect for new and occasional divers who don’t need lots of gadgets or the latest stylish computer.

For more details or to purchase yours visit our i100 page.




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