Aqua Lung i750 Dive Computer Review

Posted by Mark Murphy on

Aqua Lung i750 Review

As soon as I saw the Aqua Lung i750 I wanted one. It appeared to be the perfect dive computer; a great size, sturdy materials and a host of functions which up until that point you couldn’t really find on another computer.

Lets start with the pros! The fact that you can recharge it means it could save you hundreds from battery changes in the long run and you won’t run out of batter when you are on a liveaboard and can’t get to a dive store. The Bluetooth connectivity is remarkably simple and having never bothered uploading my dives to my phone/tablet or online in the past I was pleasantly surprised how good it was.

The functions are intuitively easy to find and operate and the air-integration is one of the best I’ve come across. Unlike some other brands the Aqua Lung i750 computer is paired with the transmitter for life.

For techy divers you can have up to 3 mixed gases and transmitters to go with them.

There is one but and it’s a BIG BUT! The LED screen is incredibly difficult to see. I’ve taken my i750 to Sudan, Galapagos, Maldives and the UK, and the only place I can really read the screen is in UK darker water or on a night dive. I’ve leant the i750 to several of our club members to see if it’s just me, some of them were also interested in buying one as it appears to be good value. However without being prompted everyone commented on the poor brightness of the screen.

I’m sure this has been raised with Aqua Lung and they’re probably working on the i750 TC 2.0 but until that time I would consider an alternative.

Since the release of the i750 Suunto, the worlds largest dive computer manufacturer, has released the EON Core. It has virtually the same features and functions as the i750. Compared to it’s larger brother the Suunto EON Steel, it is a far better size and the screen is crystal clear.

So sadly, my i750 sits in my bottom draw and the EON Core sits proudly on my wrist every time I go diving.

For more details and product information see our product page on the i750 and the much better EON Core.



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