Bare Velocity Wetsuit Review

Posted by Mark Murphy on

Easy to use, ultra comfort and great value! 

If you read most reviews on the worlds best wetsuits then generally people will generally place Bare at the top of the list. Their flagship wetsuits the Evoke (womens) and Reactive (mens) are incredible at keeping you warm. However with a hefty price tag our customers often want a more affordable suit.

The Bare Velocity wetsuit is still made by the same top of the range manufacturer and packs many great features designed to keep you warmer than other similarly priced wetsuits.

The are built to last, have a huge range of sizes to fit every shape and size and a choice of thicknesses including a 2mm shorty and 3mm, 5mm, 7mm and even a 8/7mm hooded semi-dry. The 5mm is the most popular thickness as it can be used in a range of temperatures from pretty cold water to semi-tropical.

It offers the same ultra-stretchy material as it’s more expensive cousins which makes it really easy to put on.

Bare are the only scuba diving wetsuit manufacturer to currently use ‘grade A’ neoprene. For the comfort, warmth and price tag this is a great value wetsuit that will last you hundreds if not thousands of dives. If you want even more warmth then the ‘Velocity Ultra’ is the way to go as it uses the Ultrawarmth Celliant Infrared Technology.

You can now purchase the Bare Velocity wetsuit in our dive shop.

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