The dummies guide to choosing the right scuba diving regulators

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The dummies guide to choosing the right scuba diving regulators
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy

The dummies guide to buying the right scuba diving regulator for the recreational diver.


Okay, so you’re thinking about buying your first set of scuba diving regulators. As they can be considered to be life support systems and can cost a few quid, choosing the right set of regulators is a big decision. There is lots of technical information and marketing spiel for most regulators, so selecting the right one for a newish diver can be a bit of a minefield.

So the easiest way to compare regulators is to compare them to something that most people are familiar with; cars.

Like cars there are different regulators aimed at different markets - specialist regs, stylish ones, premium, budget, built to last, comfort and safety.

So taking a few of the best regulators to cover various parts of the market here is my comparison, so let’s start at the top!

The Rolls Royce

For me this is a simple choice, the Atomic T3’s. They have super machine build quality similar to that found in a roller. Made from lightweight strong Titanium these regulators offer easy and smooth breathing and will last a lifetime. Unlike most scuba regulators they only need servicing every 3 years / 300 dives versus standard regulators every year / 100 years. I have heard a rumour that a well known dive journalist has been using these for over 10years and has never had them serviced and they still work perfectly, however I would strongly recommend that you don’t follow their lead.

There are other Atomic regulators that have the same superb build quality but use different materials so are a lot more affordable.


The Apeks XTX200. These bullet proof regulators are built using solid materials and are designed to last. Suitable for all water conditions from very cold to very hot they won’t let you down. If you really want to push the boat out then they do a Tungsten version that is build to last even longer. Stylish and uncompromising!


Like the BMW they are well built, very stylish and refined - the Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme. They are the top of the range Aqua Lung regulators and they are also the worlds largest scuba diving equipment manufacturer. Suitable for cold and warm water they are a very popular choice.

Range Rover

These cars are designed for the toughest terrain and are so are these regulators. The Mares Carbon 52 can be taken to any condition and are very reliable. The looks aren’t for everyone but others think they are the most stylish out there.

Aston Martin soft top

Like a good Aston the Aqua Lung Mikrons look great, are lightweight and designed for long distance travel. They are the perfect regulators for holiday divers who wish to keep their luggage weight down and aren’t designed for diving in the cold. Unlike an Aston Martin they won’t break the bank.


The Aqua Lung Cores, a great all-rounder. We use these as our dive school regulators and with annual servicing they perform remarkably well and are excellent value for money. They are Aqua Lungs biggest selling regulators that can be used in warm and cold water. Not quite as light as the Mikrons they are still a good option for travellers.

Toyota pick up truck

If you ever saw the episode of Top Gear when they took one of these to the North Pole you will know what I mean. These cars are famed for their in destructiveness and ability to operate in some of the worlds most extreme temperatures. The Apeks MTX-R’s are based on military grade regulators and are suitable for the worlds coldest oceans. They also look great and don’t weigh a tonne.

You can find our complete range of regulators here.


I hope that helps you get your head around the world of scuba diving regulators. Naturally our professional staff are happy to assist you over the phone or by email





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gear by poseidon
gear by poseidon

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