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MTX-R vs MTX-RC : Which should I get?

Posted by Tracey Leask on

Out of the Apeks MTX range, which should you get, the MTX-R and MTX-RC? It depends on what type of diving you are doing, or progress to doing.

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The dummies guide to choosing the right scuba diving regulators

Posted by Mark Murphy on

The dummies guide to buying the right scuba diving regulator for the recreational diver.   Okay, so you’re thinking about buying your first set of scuba diving regulators. As they can be considered to be life support systems and can cost a few quid, choosing the right set of regulators is a big decision. There is lots of technical information and marketing spiel for most regulators, so selecting the right one for a newish diver can be a bit of a minefield. So the easiest way to compare regulators is to compare them to something that most people are familiar...

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