The Aqualung Outlaw BCD Ultimate Review

The Aqualung Outlaw BCD Ultimate Review
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy

The Ultimate Review Of The Aqualung Outlaw BCD For New Divers

Welcome, fellow underwater enthusiasts, to another exciting exploration into the realm of scuba diving gear! Today, we're delving into the depths of the Aqualung Outlaw, a popular Scuba Diving BCDs. Designed with innovation and versatility in mind, the Outlaw is a standout choice, especially for those embarking on their scuba diving journey.

Max's Testimonial: "I bought the Aqualung Outlaw BCD to have a lighter BCD for travelling and diving in warmer waters. I've completed 12 dives using the BCD and am very happy indeed with it. It's a snug, but very comfortable fit and while it doesn't have any pockets, it has plenty of attachment points. The back is flexible and well padded and has the excellent griplock tank band. The shoulder dump valve is easy to use, but the lower right pull takes a little bit of searching because the air bladder is quite loose by design. The plastic carabiner is useful - although I mainly used it as another loop to clip stuff to, rather than a clip in its own right. The webbed D-Rings are great - and I found the one on the right waist band to be perfectly positioned for my SMB. I don't have the surelock weight system. The unit arrives unassembled which is a good thing as you need to get fully familiar with the BCD from the start - it's easy and intuitive to assemble. The only criticism I have is that there's no knife attachment point - I've attached an Aqualung squeezelock knife to a loop on the waist band and that works fine with no excess movement. It would be nice to have a guide loop for the SPG, but I bought another plastic carabiner from a well-known auction site and have that mounted on the left waist band and that works very well. I definitely recommend this BCD. 4.5 stars (would be 5 with knife attachment point and SPG routing)."

Minimalist Design for Maximum Freedom

In the world of scuba diving, less is often more, and the Aqualung Outlaw embraces this philosophy with its minimalist design. The streamlined, lightweight structure not only ensures unhindered movement but also minimizes drag underwater. For new scuba divers, this translates into enhanced maneuverability and comfort, allowing them to focus on the awe-inspiring underwater world rather than cumbersome gear. What does this do for you as a diver?

  • Freedom of Movement: The minimalist design facilitates unrestricted motion, making it ideal for beginners who are still mastering their buoyancy and underwater mobility.
  • Reduced Drag: Less drag means less effort required to move through the water, conserving energy for longer and more enjoyable dives.

Modular System Tailored To You

The Aqualung Outlaw is part of the Aqualung BCD's collection, known for its modular system that allows divers to customize their equipment. This feature is a boon for new divers who are gradually building their gear arsenal. The modular system lets you add or remove components based on your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that your BCD grows with you as your skills and requirements evolve. How does this future proof your dive gear?

  • Adaptability: New divers can start with a basic setup and gradually add features as they become more experienced.
  • Cost-Effective: Rather than investing in an entirely new BCD, divers can simply upgrade specific components, saving money in the long run.

Integrated Weight System

One of the standout features of the Aqualung Outlaw is its integrated weight system. For beginners, managing weight can be a challenging aspect of diving. The integrated weight pockets of the Outlaw make it easy to distribute and adjust weight, promoting proper buoyancy control. This not only enhances safety but also allows new divers to focus on refining their diving skills without the distraction of constantly adjusting weights. This benefits you as a diver in two key ways:

  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-access weight pockets simplify the process of adding or removing weights, promoting a hassle-free diving experience.
  • Balanced Buoyancy: Proper weight distribution aids in achieving and maintaining optimal buoyancy, a crucial skill for every scuba diver.

A World of Possibilities

The Aqualung Outlaw was a strong jacket in the Aqualung BCD range and was consistently a contender for our Top BCDs while in production. This jacket has now been replaced in the range by the Aqualung Rogue BCD. Check out the BCDs that made it into the Top 10 Scuba Diving BCD's for 2024.


Is it possible to receive a picture of the squeeze lock knife mounted on the bcd?


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