Suunto EON Core Review

Suunto EON Core Review
Dean Hurley

Is the new Suunto EON Core any good?

Having owned and tested about 10 dive computers in the last 10 years I am pretty confident saying that Suunto’s latest dive computer the EON Core is the best dive computer in the world for your average diver.

The only reel difference between this and the EON Steel, it’s more expensive and older brother is that the EON Steel is rated to 150m while the Core is 80m – more than enough for most people. The EON Core sits more comfortably on your arm, protrudes less and is less likely to spin around your wrist.

The Core has all the functions you ever need including a high visibility LCD screen, USB rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, tank pod for monitoring your air, compass as well as all of the usual functions that you might find on a top end computer.

Aqua Lung’s nearest offering is the i750T which has basically the same functions and is also a really good size for your wrist. The i750’s biggest problem is that it is very difficult to read the screen in sunlight – so that rules out about 80% of the worlds dive sites.

The other great feature that Suunto like to brag about with the Core is that the computer grows with you. If you decide to move in to the Tec world then you can upgrade the software. As well as up to 10 mixed gases you can also use if for rebreathers. If you are going to go down the Tec route beyond 50m then it’s probably worth going for the EON Steel.

At £599 it isn’t the cheapest computer on the market but it will save you £50 every time you don’t need to replace the battery and it’s going to be current for at least the next 10 years.

As soon as I saw the EON Core I ditched all of my other dive computers and bought one immediately. I opted for the black but the other 2 colours in white and lime are equally as attractive.


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