What are the ‘Best Fins for Scuba Diving’?

Dean Hurley

We help you decide which are the best fins for scuba diving


That’s a bit like saying what is the best car to drive, a Ferrari, top of the range BMW, Rolls Royce or even kit car could be your answer.

However there are many less attributes for choosing a good fin – value for money, performance, power, ease to put on and off, ability to kick backwards, ability to frog kick, comfort and style.

Performance can be determined by how much effort you have to exert to move. Some blades give greater efficiency which means you use less energy which means you use less air, get less leg cramps and feel less tired.

Other times you want a fin that gives you the ability to apply power.

In our opinion these are the best diving fins you can buy:

  • Mares Avanti Quattro’s. These have been on the market for donkeys years and for good reason. They offer lots of power, you can fin backwards, they are efficient, comfortable, easy to don and doff and will last for years. The term “if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it’ definatey applies here. With lots of colours to choose and spring straps means they are still up there with the best
  • Apeks RK3’s. These are great for Tec divers who need power from a shorter fin. They have 2 weights of fin to choose from so you can decide which is best for you. They work great with drysuit boots and the heavier version makes your legs less buoyant meaning better trim in a drysuit. If you are planning to take them travelling then opt for the lighter weight version. It gives slightly less power but means you should stay within your luggage allowance
  • Aqua Lung X-Shot (males) and Shot FX (female fins). These are a really good value fin. They look really smart, are very efficient and are not as heavy as other fins so more suitable for travel – just make sure you have a long bag if you go for the XL’s! Spring straps make them easy to put on/off and a choice of colours means you can colour coordinate with the rest of your dive kit. These fins are great for new divers who are investing in equipment for the first time.


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