The Top 10 Best Diving Computers

The Top 10 Best Diving Computers
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy

Top 10 dive computers

What is the best diving computer on the market? This is a difficult question to answer as it depends what type of diving you are going to use your computer for, what your budget is and what functions you’d like. Here are my top 10 dive computers:

  1. Suunto EON Core. This relatively new computer has every function out there; wireless transmitter, Bluetooth connectivity, USB rechargeable batteries and a really easy to read LC screen make this our favourite
  2. Aqua Lung i450T – a lovely looking watch style dive computer that has wireless transmission, computer cable and the matrix screen is easy to read for a watch sized screen. This could be the only computer that you’ll ever need to own. I’ve had mine now for over 10 years and I still love it.
  3. The Suunto Vyper Novo – This is the big brother to the Zoop. It has all the features you’d expect from a recreational dive computer including Nitrox mode, free diving mode, safety stop countdown and the ability to add on a transmitter to accurately monitor your air. The functions are intuitive and as Suunto’s are frequently used by instructors and dive guides.
  4. Suunto D6i – Probably the worlds most popular watch style computer. Has the same features as the Vyper Novo but looks much more styish, has a metal casing for added protection, a digital compass and the ability to add a wireless transmitter. A great computer but more expensive then the similar featured i450T
  5. Aqua Lung i200 – probably the best value watch style dive computer on the market. Priced similar to many larger wrist computers but with similar functions. Looks good too!
  6. TUSA Solar – You’ll never have to pay for a battery change again (normally around 50 quid) and it has Bluetooth to download all of your dive logs straight to your phone or tablet
  7. Mares Smart – a watch style computer that comes in a range of good-looking colours. An easy to read screen and user changeable battery.
  8. Aqua Lung i300 – An entry level computer that has all of the main features that most divers ever want. Includes a user changeable battery and back light for night dives. Probably slightly more durable than the Zoop Novo
  9. Zoop Novo – Probably the worlds most popular computer enjoyed by holiday divers around the world. Like the i300 it offers good value for money and all of the essential features the occasional diver needs
  10. Suunto EON Steel – a great LCD screen that is designed to grow with the diver. As you progress to Tec Diver then you have the ability to use multiple gases, transmitters and even rebreather information. The large screen is easy to read underwater and the battery is USB rechargeable!
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