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Our team is well-versed in the specifics of the XDEEP wing, Aqualung BCDs, and Apeks regulators that we offer, ensuring that you receive tailored advice based on your diving preferences, skill level, and the specific conditions you plan to encounter.

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Tips from our team

How to choosing the right diving equipment?

Choosing the right diving equipment, including the Wing, BCD, and Regulator, is vital for a safe and comfortable diving experience. Here's a concise summary of key considerations:

Wing Selection:

  • Identify your diving style (recreational, technical, cave).
  • Choose a wing with appropriate buoyancy capacity.
  • Decide between single or double bladder design.
  • Consider durable materials like Cordura.
  • Ensure sufficient attachment points for accessories.

BCD Selection:

  • Choose BCD type (jacket-style, back-inflate, hybrid).
  • Prioritize fit and comfort with adjustable straps.
  • Check lift capacity for body weight and gear.
  • Decide on integrated weight system or weight belt.
  • Assess ease of ditching and dumping air.

Regulator Selection:

  • Prioritize a balance of breathing performance and environmental resistance.
  • Consider the number of ports for accessories.
  • Choose between DIN and Yoke based on tank valve type.
  • Opt for adjustable settings for breathing resistance.
  • Check ease of servicing and availability of replacement parts.

When selecting your diving equipment, consider reputable brands such as XDEEP for wings, Aqualung for BCDs, and Apeks for regulators.