Aqualung Helix Pro

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Aqualung Helix Pro

Din / Regulator set
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Aqualung Helix Pro

The Aqualung Helix Pro Regulator Set is a versatile choice, suitable for both medium-range and cold water diving. Despite its cold water capabilities, it remains lightweight, making it an excellent option for travel divers. This regulator set caters to a wide range of divers, whether you're exploring the depths in the UK or abroad.

Aqualung Helix Pro Regulator Set 1st Stage Features

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Coldwater rated for challenging diving conditions
  • Environmentally sealed with the unique ACD (automatic closure device) to keep the first stage free from dust and dirt when not pressurized
  • A balanced system that maintains consistent performance at all depths
  • Equipped with 4 low-pressure ports at an angle and 2 high-pressure ports
  • Requires servicing only every 2 years or after 100 dives

Aqualung Helix Pro Regulator Set - 2nd Stage Primary Features

  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Coldwater rated for versatility in various diving environments
  • Venturi flow regulation dial for enhanced control

Aqualung Helix Pro Regulator Set - 2nd Stage Octopus Features

  • Shares the same compact and lightweight design as the primary second stage
  • Coldwater rated for reliable performance in chilly waters
  • Venturi flow regulation dial for precision
  • Color-coded in yellow for excellent visibility underwater, serving as a dependable backup regulator when needed.
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