Fourth Element Aquanaut Masks

  • £65.00

Aquanaut Masks

The Fourth Element Aquanaut Masks with Clarity and with Contrast Lenses are the latest addition to the trendy product line that features the Scout and Navigator Masks. The new Aquanaut mask is a low-volume, twin-lens, well-fitting freediving mask.  The mask is offered in two shades  - Clarity and Contrast.

Clarity Lenses on Aquanauts Dive Mask is manufactured with the highest purity level to deliver maximum visual transparency. The clear lens is ideal for photographers and low-light diving conditions such as a cave, cavern, wreck, and night diving. In other words, this is an excellent choice for all-around scuba diving.

Contrast Lenses on Aquanauts Dive Mask provide full UVA and UVB protection from harmful ultraviolet. The contrasting lens has a green appearance, filtering out some of the mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum. Particularly when diving in temperate (green) waters, images seen through the lens increase contrast, accentuating brighter and darker areas, increasing the perception of visual acuity.

The Fourth Element Aquanaut Mask has a fabulously good field of view and, being small in size, may also be suitable for a backup mask that fits into small BCD or thigh pockets. 

The Fourth Element is at the forefront of Ocean Positive Philosophy, and this mask comes without plastic packaging. Instead, it is delivered with a zero-plastic, low volume modern mask case. 

The Fourth Element recommends rinsing your Aquanaut mask with fresh water until you can fully clean it. Use warm fresh water to rinse the mask. This will dissolve salt crystals that are stuck to the mask. Rinse the mask thoroughly using fresh or filtered water. Towel dry the mask entirely before storage.

  • Twin lens
  • Clarity Lens for all-weather, night, cave and cavern diving
  • Contrast lens for temperate waters and all water with a touch of green tint
  • Low Volume easy to clear
  • Silicone Strap (Removable)