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Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag

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Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag

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Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag

The Ocean Debris Bag is an essential accessory for every dive, offering a convenient solution for cleaning up our underwater environments. Its compact design allows for easy storage in a pocket or attachment externally, ready to be unrolled whenever needed. With a quick deployment, this bag becomes a valuable tool for collecting and removing rubbish from the water. After responsibly disposing of the waste, simply roll up the bag and stow it away for future dives.

Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag Features

  • Drainable Mesh: Designed with a mesh construction that allows water to drain out easily, preventing the bag from becoming waterlogged during use.
  • Convenient Size: The ideal size for collecting marine debris, providing ample space without being cumbersome to carry.
  • Packable Design: Easily packable for transport, ensuring it's always within reach when needed for cleanup efforts.
  • Velcro Closure: Equipped with a Velcro closure for secure containment of collected debris, preventing spillage during transport.
  • Handy Clip: Includes a handy-sized clip for convenient stowing when not in use, allowing for easy attachment to gear or clothing.

Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag Fabric & Care

  • Material: Constructed from 100% Polyester, offering durability and longevity in marine environments.
  • Care Instructions: Rinse the bag in cold, clean water after each use to maintain its condition and functionality.
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