Global Adventurer Package : Male

  • £1,420.00
  • Save £156

Package contains:

  • Garmin G1 Solar
  • XL4+, octopus, and single gauge
  • Waterproof B1 6.5mm Dive Boot
  • Fourth Element Xenos 3mm shortie
  • Fourth Element tech fins
  • Fourth Element Expedition Duffel Bag 90L


What you get:

Descent™ G1 Solar

The Garmin Descent G1 SOLAR Dive Watch Computer is an advanced adventure smartwatch that appeals to all outdoors-loving people and those who enjoy walking and scuba diving on the wild side. This dive smartwatch gets energy from the best sustainable energy source ever known to humankind - the Sun. It is suitable for all diving levels from freediver to the technical diver and anybody in between. 

The XL4+

The Apeks XL4+ is a compact, lightweight regulator suitable for diving in all environments including cold water locations. Its design and low weight help reduce jaw fatigue on long dives. The XL4+ also makes an ideal stage regulator, perfect for the exploration diver with a large amount of equipment.

Waterproof B1 6.5mm Dive Boot


Keeping the feet warm is an old true formula against coldness; your mother told you so, didn’t she? And Waterproof keeps you and mom happy offering a boot range designed for happy feet.

A tough 6.5mm semi-dry boots with an extra long zipper for easy donning. The heels and toes are strengthened and the boot has an angled design for less stress while finning.

Fourth Element Xenos 3mm Shortie Wetsuit


A shortie wetsuit with performance that belies its appearance. Stretch neoprene ensures a snug comfortable fit, and rolled Smoothskin seals at the arm and thigh help minimise water ingress. The double Smoothskin zip flap also minimises flush-through. 

The perfect wetsuit for liveaboard dive vacations or multiple dives per day. Designed to be easy to get on and off, the Xenos wetsuit dries quickly between dives and is surprisingly warm thanks to blindstitched seams and thermal linings on the body core.

Fourth Element Tech Fin

A classic vented fin, redesigned to maximise performance. Utilising natural rubber in a unique density gradient, this fin delivers a comfortable foot pocket combined with optimised stiffness for finning performance. The vented design allows water to flow along the blade reducing drag and fatigue, whilst the stiffening rails and ribs ensure that the blade of the fin is driven through the water to maximise the return on effort.

Fourth Element Expedition Duffel Bag

Inspired by discussions with some of our more intrepid dive team members who reported that looking for a piece of black dive kit inside a black bag is never easy, but even more frustrating if you are at base camp in a cave system. We developed the fourth element Expedition Series Duffel Bag as a solution to this problem. The blue colour makes it easier to find your kit, bright enough to be found more easily in low light conditions and distinctive enough to stand out amongst the bags of your fellow divers. The bag is made from tough and enduring heavy-duty mesh PVC and the base is double-lined for durability. It comes with shaped and padded rucksack carry straps and high-quality clasps. Buckles and compression straps complete a rugged specification. A removable ID card makes it even easier to label and identify your gear.