Oyster Diving Travel Package (Mens)

  • £1,495.00
  • Save £280

Oyster Diving Equipment Travel Package (Mens)

Are you a holiday diver, tired of using rental kit that may or may not work, and may or may not be comfortable? Get yourself fully kitted out with our Oyster Diving Travel package! This package includes EVERYTHING that you need for your warm-water holiday, in a bag that can be rolled straight onto the plane.


Why dive in someone else's kit when you can dive in your own?


This package includes:

- Apeks VX1 Mask

- Oyster Diving Neoprene Strap cover

- Oyster Diving Log Book Binder

- Aqua Lung Storm Fins

- Aqua Lung i300 Dive Computer

- Aqua Lung Hydroflex 3mm Shorty Wetsuit

- Aqua Lung Rogue BCD

- Aqua Lung Legend MBS Regulators, including octopus and pressure gauge

- Aqua Lung Regulator Bag

- Aqua Lung Explorer II Carry-on Bag