Phantom Speedsuit V3

  • £352.99

Aqua Sphere Phantom Triathlon Speedsuit V3

The Phantom Speedsuit is engineered with Phelps exclusive Exo-Core technology, a combination of Exo-Foil and Aqua Core in relationship with Triathlon Wetsuit Core Power System. The innovation provides the Elite Triathlete an amazing new swim sensation that conserves their core leg and back muscles while maintaining freedom of movement and allowing them to reach their utmost potential.

Engineered with Phelps exclusive Exo-Core technology a combination of Exo-Foil and Aqua Core technologies, each having their own unique properties. The combination of these two fabrics delivers a new, higher level of performance

Exo-Core technology combines 2 kinds of fabrics for compression and freedom of movement

Aqua Core high compression panels conserves quads during swim

Integrated Core Power system improves posture and core stability

High frequency welded seams deliver optimum hydrodynamics, comfort, and anti-chafing

Water repellent treatment for superior glide

Locking zipper feature on the back of the suit helps to reduce drag. Seams have been thermo bonded to ensure comfort and help prevent chafing