SiTech Exhaust Valve Argo (large guide ridge)

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SiTech Exhaust Valve Argo (large guide ridge)

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STech high performance suit exhaust / dump valve


Exhaust Valves

SI TECH Exhaust Valves are designed to make your dives pleasant and easy - avoiding dangerous pressure gradients between the suits inner and outer pressure with a maximum resistance of 25 mbar. The focus of the valves are the pressure precision that make SI TECH valves superior. This also prevents leakage of insulating gas when set to maximum pressure for extended surface buoyancy and warmth.

The location of the SI TECH Exhaust Valve at the upper arm ensures an easy access of internal gas venting when controlling ascent speed and fine adjustment of buoyancy during the dive. At minimum setting 2 mbar the suit can be evacuated to a minimum of free gas (no gas inherent in the underwear).

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