TUSA Prescription Minus Lens - Left, spherical correction

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TUSA Prescription Minus Lens - Left, spherical correction

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TUSA Minus Prescription Lens - Left, Minus, Spherical correction

Tusa makes a range of masks that will accept prescription lenses. These lenses come in .5 increments, and range from -8.0 to +4.5 .

These lenses are suitable for Tusa Ceos, Tusa Geminus, and Tusa Splendive II masks.

Please note that you will need both the right and left lens for your mask. We have split the lenses into right and left to ensure that you will get the exact prescription you would like.

As this is a bespoke item, we cannot offer returns or refunds for lenses. If you are wondering which prescription to go for, please speak to your optician. 

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