Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit

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Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit

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Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit

The Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit is the latest evolution of the exceptional D1 Hybrid Waterproof suit, which was developed, patented, and unveiled just a couple of years ago. The patented D1 Hybrid made history as the world's first Insulated Constant Volume Drysuit, setting a remarkable standard in dive apparel. To this day, no rival in the industry has managed to replicate its distinctive features and benefits.

Now, you might be wondering, "What makes the D1X an improvement on the already incredible D1 Hybrid?" The answer lies in our commitment to material development, an ongoing journey fueled by innovation and progress. The future continually introduces new materials, propelling us forward in our pursuit of excellence. Additionally, we've made subtle design enhancements based on invaluable feedback from users like you. At Waterproof, we've always prioritized staying at the forefront of technological advancements to maintain our position as the leading producer of dive suits in the industry.

The D1X introduces a host of groundbreaking features, all rooted in the utilization of cutting-edge materials. Our relentless dedication to improvement drives us to push the boundaries of dive apparel technology, ensuring that every diver who chooses Waterproof is equipped with the very best.

Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit Features

  • Improved rubber quality in boots. Five times more abrasion resistance.
  • Soft and ­exible neck ring “Quick Neck” from SI TECH. Fits; Silicone, Latex AND Neoprene neck seals.
  • New fabric on the front panel. Features a softer feeling and is extremely durable to abrasion.
  • The new 50 Denier 3D mesh inner lining features a softer feeling and more ­ex thus enhanced comfort.
  • New construction on Suspenders offers far better and easier adjustment.
  • All Velcro tabs are more ­exible, with a much better grip in TPA.
  • New construction on the leg pockets. Stainless D-rings replaced standard D-rings with two loops each.

Anatomical Sculpting for Enhanced Mobility: Dive with unparalleled freedom as critical areas like arms, legs, and torso are meticulously anatomically designed to boost your range of motion.

Quick Seal System for Effortless Changes: Equipped with SI TECH's QCS Oval ring system, the wrists feature preinstalled Silicone seals that are incredibly comfortable and easy to swap out.

Warmneck and Silicone Neck Seal: Our unique Warmneck solution includes water drain valves and moulded Velcro tabs, while the WP Silicone Neck Seal offers exceptional chemical resistance, UV protection, and comfort.

Convertible Power Pockets: Tailor your dive experience with Dual Convertible Power Pockets, offering versatile capacity options with stainless steel D-rings and cord loops.

Kevlar® Reinforced Boot: A newly formulated rubber blend ensures durability, while an angled design balances performance and longevity.

Improved 3D Mesh Inner Lining: Experience softer, more flexible insulation with the integrated patented 3D Mesh inner lining 50D.

A Seat That Grips: Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.

Kevlar® Reinforced Knee Pads: Military-grade DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre-reinforced knee pads offer top-notch protection.

Elastic Waistband: Enjoy an exchangeable elastic waistband at the back for added comfort.

Chill Guard: Keep your body heat in and your undergarment out of the zipper for unhindered operation.

Moulded Velcro Tabs: New TPU (eco) tabs with moulded Velcro hooks for secure fastening.

Cordura Crotch: Crafted from one-piece Heavy Duty Cordura for exceptional durability and seamlessness.

Included Accessories: Your D1X Drysuit comes with a 5/7mm vented I-span hood, a Waterproof 1000 CORDURA bag, and a spare set of WP Silicone Seals.

SI TECH Valves: Benefit from swiveling inlet valves and adjustable automatic outlet valves, provided by SI TECH.

Warm Cuffs: Detachable warm cuffs at the wrists minimize heat loss.

Integrated Suspenders: Enjoy adjustable integrated suspenders for a comfortable fit.

Flexible Neck Ring: The 'QUICK NECK' ring from SI TECH conforms to your shoulder shape, accommodating Silicone, Latex, and Neoprene seals.

Experience the future of diving with the D1X Drysuit, where cutting-edge materials and design innovations redefine comfort and performance in the underwater world. Dive confidently, explore freely, and trust in Waterproof's commitment to excellence in dive apparel.

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