XDEEP NX Zen Wing System

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XDEEP NX Zen Wing System

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XDEEP NX Zen Wing System

Explore the forefront of scuba diving technology with the XDEEP NX Zen Wing System. Designed to revolutionize your underwater experience, this system boasts cutting-edge engineering and innovative features that set it apart from traditional diving equipment. Dive deeper into the details and discover why the XDEEP NX Zen Wing System is a game-changer for divers seeking unparalleled performance and comfort.

XDEEP NX Zen Wing System Key Features

  • Enhanced Buoyancy Control: The narrow design of the NX Zen Wing System ensures optimal buoyancy control without protruding from the tank, reducing drag and entanglement hazards while improving gas consumption for longer, safer dives.
  • Optimized Lift Capacity: Experience superior lift capability with the Zen wing, providing 19kg of lift within a compact size comparable to traditional wings offering 17kg of lift, striking the perfect balance between lift and compactness.
  • Streamlined Design: The NX wings feature a narrower profile that minimizes gas consumption while maintaining sufficient lift, optimizing the connection between the backplate and the wing for maximum efficiency.

The XDEEP NX Zen Wing System Diver Benefits

  • Improved Stability: Repositioned inflator and ergonomic design enhance stability both underwater and at the surface, providing a comfortable and secure diving experience.
  • Comfortable Fit: The ergonomic backplate shape and longer distance between anchoring points ensure a perfect fit for every dive, while the deluxe harness option offers added convenience and comfort with quick-release pinch clips and extra shoulder padding.
  • Tailored Options: With a small backplate option available for divers under 170cm, the XDEEP NX Zen Wing System offers tailored solutions to accommodate divers of all heights, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for every underwater adventure.

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