XDEEP Zen Ultralight Wing System

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XDEEP Zen Ultralight Wing System

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XDEEP Zen Ultralight Wing System

The XDEEP Zen Ultralight Wing System represents a breakthrough in diving equipment. This innovative system combines featherlight design with outstanding durability and functionality. Its streamlined profile reduces drag, ensuring effortless movement through the water. The ergonomic harness and precise buoyancy control make it exceptionally comfortable, while the modular weight system eliminates the need for weight belts, providing flexibility for various diving conditions. The Zen Ultralight Wing System offers divers a perfect balance of comfort, performance, and convenience, making it a game-changer in the world of diving gear.

Perfect Positioning

The NX ZEN BCD offers ideal positioning in the water and exceptional surface comfort.

Unique NX Series Harness

The NX harness provides easy wear and removal without compromising stability, comfort, or security.

High Lift and Minimal Drag

Carefully positioned gas in the wing minimizes drag and eliminates unwanted dead air spaces.

Incredibly Tough

The double-shell Cordura wing is extremely durable, perfect for challenging dives, including wreck exploration.

Compatible with Doubles

Experience flexibility by using your NX Series harness with doubles, simply by replacing the wing.

A Step Change in BCD Application

The NX ZEN breaks away from traditional BCD designs, offering a new level of performance and functionality.

Be at One with Your Equipment

Named ZEN for a reason, this BCD delivers that sense of oneness with the underwater world. It combines advances in material technology, diving design, and modern engineering for stability, comfort, and ergonomics.

Above and Below the Waves

Modern BCDs must provide not only freedom underwater but also security and confidence on the surface. The NX ZEN's wing design and balance point ensure comfortable surface positioning.

Built for Unmatched Performance and Comfort

While its look is undeniably striking, the NX ZEN is designed with performance and comfort as top priorities. XDEEP's relentless pursuit of safety, durability, and comfort has culminated in the NX Series.

Efficiency and Comfort

Streamlined to the tank, the NX ZEN ensures precise buoyancy control. Its wing shape adds stability by reducing air movement and achieving the perfect balance for effortless trim.

Less Is More

The narrow ZEN wing minimizes protrusion from the tank, enhancing buoyancy control, reducing entanglement risks, and improving gas consumption.

Smaller Upper Wing Section

Thanks to the compact NX series inflator, the upper wing section is smaller, positioning you higher out of the water when surfaced and ensuring proper lift underwater.

Precise Gas Control

The NX series adapter is centered, preventing unwanted gas movement during inflation. Air is evenly distributed on both sides of the wing, maintaining perfect trim.

Ergonomic Backplate

Designed with divers' anatomy in mind, the new NX Series backplate enhances weight distribution, removes lumbar pressure, and optimizes accessory attachment.

Perfect 3D Mesh Pad

The 3D Mesh lining provides comfort, stability, and water penetration while preventing compression, even in varying outfits.

V-Shaped Crotch Strap

The V-shaped crotch strap is more comfortable and eliminates the single strap running between the legs, enhancing comfort both on land and underwater.

Improved Stability

The V-shape minimizes sideways slippage and spreads the load evenly for added stability.

Two Cargo D-Rings

The NX Series V-strap features two Cargo D-Rings instead of one central ring, making gear access easier.

Easy On and Off

The longer shoulder straps make it easier to don and doff the harness, ensuring a snug fit without adjustments for different suits.

Modular Weight System

Say goodbye to weight belts. The NX Series offers a modular weight system for precise balance and ease of configuration, ideal for various dive conditions.

Join the NX Series Community

Connect with instructors, divers, and enthusiasts worldwide on the NX Series Facebook community. Share experiences, get advice, and discover amazing dives with NX Series gear.

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