Apeks VX1 mask reviewed -Is it the best mask - it's not all clear!

Apeks VX1 mask reviewed -Is it the best mask - it's not all clear!
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy

Apeks VX1 mask reviewed by Mark Murphy, PADI MSDT


We recently ran a group diving holiday to the Maldives where I decided to treat myself to one of the new Apeks VX1 dive masks. To really treat myself I opted for the one with the UV lenses.

Having been a diver now for over 20 years (yikes) I have tried and been through many scuba diving masks and have had some good ones, a few great ones and lots of terrible ones.

The Apeks VX1 is definitely up there with the best! It is lightweight, low volume so easy to clear and has a good field of vision. The single lens means that a lot of light penetrates and a super comfy soft skirt, you hardly notice you are wearing it.

It comes with 2 strap options, a standard silicon one, or a neoprene one. As sadly my hair migrated south many years ago the silicon strap was fine and stayed in place. If I still had my old mop of hair then I would have opted for the neoprene strap.

Unless one of my fellow divers managed to make me laugh underwater then I had no issues with it filling with water. The solid black skirt also ensures that you don’t get those annoying reflections on the lenses from your cheek bones.

The UV lenses protect your eyes from sunlight while on the surface and underwater add some contrast in to the water which really helped make sharks stand out in the distance is hazy water. A crystal clear lens is available for those who like people to see the colour of their eyes, or don’t like the slightly yellowish tinge it give the water colour.

As with many dive masks, it’s not all about a good fit, comfort and seal, the VX1 also looks really cool. With the UV lenses it also looks a bit ninja!

One of my favourite features of the mask isn’t the mask itself, it’s the case it comes with. A really durable well-made durable zip lock EVA protective case to look after it in between dives.

At £89 it’s not the cheapest dive mask but it is good value. I still prefer my TUSA Paragon but at nearly double the price the gulf between them isn’t that great.

You can see more about the Apeks VX1 on our product page.

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