The Aqualung i770R Dive Computer Review

The Aqualung i770R Dive Computer Review
Tracey Leask

The Aqualung i770R Dive Computer Review

A dive computer is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a scuba diver can own. It is crucial that you pick a computer that you like, trust, and can use with confidence!
The Aqua Lung i770 dive computer is a great computer for divers of any level, and one of the most popular computers we sell at Oyster Diving. It has a large, bright, TFT colour screen, with 3 big buttons to easily scroll through the different options the computer offers, even if you are wearing thick gloves! It comes with an in-built compass, multiple gas options, and 4 operating modes. You can also connect this computer to your phone via Bluetooth, and download all your dives to the DiverLog+ app. No need to be carrying around a paper log book and risk it getting wet and ruined! There is also the option of getting a transmitter so your gas will show up on your computer while you dive, and will be downloaded directly into your DiverLog+ app.

There is a lot of punch in the i770. It can take you from your open water course, all the way up to your instructor and into some deeper diving, as this computer is rated down to 100m/330ft. It comes in its own hard case, with a USB charging cable, which is very handy when taking this piece of equipment traveling.
This is not a computer that you would wear as a watch after diving. It is a bit bigger than the classic dive computer, though still not heavy or particularly bulky. With its square screen and fabric strap, it is made to be worn overtop of some sort of exposure protection; a wetsuit, drysuit, or rash guard. The smallest setting on the strap is quite small, but people with very, very thin wrist or children may need a layer of neoprene to help the computer stay on.

The i770 is a fantastic computer for those who need a bright screen, would like a variety of options for different types of diving, and a very reliable computer. This computer is suitable for divers of all experience levels, and certainly suitable for those who would like to progress further into diving.
The i770 is the choice computer for many of the Oyster Diving Instructors and Divemasters, as well as many of the club members. We believe that this is one of the best computers on the market for recreational divers of all levels, and especially suited for those who want to progress through their diving education with the same computer.

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