Fourth Element Tech Fins v RK3s

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Review of the new Fourth Element Fins v RK3s by Jill Turner Staff Instructor PADI 407108


I was excited to try out the new Fourth Element fins whilst diving at Capernwray 14th&15th May 2022.

The rubber has a nice feel to it, but they looked a little wider (few mm only) than the RK3s but they were roughly the same weight (not too heavy, but heavy enough to keep my feet in a good position).

I usually struggle to get my fins on my rock boots when loaded with my full side mount system.  Anyone who dives this way knows what I am talking about.  Not a lot of manoeuvrability on land.

When I gripped the rubber handle, I found this to be bigger, both height and width, good for the larger handed diver! (see yellow parts in photo) and more pliable which made it very easy to take hold.  The springs are longer and softer than the RK3s, which made it easier to get them fitted, making a faster entry to the water.

Once I was under the water, I found I did not need to use a lot of effort to manoeuvre, both pivots (360Deg turn) and for propulsion forward/backwards.  In fact, I turned around and saw I had left my buddy team way behind – oops!

Taking them off was simple also, again no need to ask for help.  Very self-reliant fins.

The drain is wide which makes them faster to empty for exiting the water.

All in all – Very Good Fins.  May just have found my next purchase!



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