Garmin Descent Mk2i Dive Computer Review

Posted by Mark Murphy on

The Garmin Descent Mk2i - The flagship of the Garmin range!

This dive computer is the perfect companion for divers who want to track their dives and their fitness. In addition to providing depth and bottom time information, it seamlessly integrates with a heart rate monitor, providing additional data as well as notifications such as text messages or email alerts when submerged.

The Garmin Decent Mk2i Dive Computer is a recreational diving unit that encompasses the latest technology, yet still is simple and easy to use without a lot of confusing features. The PPO2 indicator will alert you if your oxygen levels become dangerously low, while the Pro model offers RF technology that transmits your dive profile wirelessly to other compatible Garmin devices (transmitter sold separately).

The Garmin Decent Mk2i is one of the most advanced dive computers on the market. Featuring a sunlight-readable display, it’s easy to read and has lots of functionality. The Decent Mk2i also features wireless connectivity so it pairs with your smartphone, allowing you to see what depth you’re at out in open waters and know just how much time you have left before heading back up to the surface.

I have been using dive computers for over 15 years and this is miles ahead of any watch style dive computer currently on the market. It is clear and easy to read, easy to navigate and the battery life is magic!

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