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Our range of scuba diving regulators includes the world's top performing brands such as Aqualung regulators ideal for warm and cold water diving, Apeks diving regulators for even the most extreme cold water dives and technical diving, and Atomic Aquatics, the Rolls Royce of scuba diving regulators. Our team are here to help you choose the best scuba regulator for your type of diving, simply get in touch and we can help today!

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Best Scuba Diving Regulators 2023

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How To Choose Your Diving Regulator?

Discover the perfect scuba diving regulator at our online store. We offer a wide range of high-performance diving regulators, including renowned brands like Apeks and Aqualung. When it comes to scuba diving, your regulator is a lifeline, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable underwater experience.

Our selection of scuba diving regulators is designed to meet the diverse needs of divers. Whether you're exploring warm tropical waters or embarking on extreme cold water dives, we have the right regulator for you. Aqualung regulators are ideal for both warm and cold water diving, providing reliable airflow and exceptional performance in varying conditions. For those seeking the utmost precision and durability, our Apeks diving regulators are perfect for even the most extreme cold water dives and technical diving.

Investing in a high-performance diving regulator is essential for your safety and comfort. Our regulators are engineered with advanced features such as adjustable breathing resistance and balanced airflow, allowing you to customize your diving experience to suit your preferences. Experience reduced fatigue, enhanced breathability, and peace of mind knowing that your regulator is designed to deliver consistent airflow and minimize the risk of free-flow or malfunction.

Not sure which scuba diving regulator is best suited for your type of diving? Our team of diving experts is here to assist you. Simply get in touch, and we'll provide personalized guidance to help you choose the perfect scuba regulator that meets your specific needs.

Take your diving adventures to new depths with our high-performance scuba diving regulators. Shop now and elevate your underwater exploration with confidence and ease.


Choosing Your First Regulator

When choosing a scuba diving regulator, there are a number of things you should consider to ensure you make an informed decision. Here are the top five questions you should know the answers to before making your purchase.

What is the regulator balanced or unbalanced?

Understanding the regulator's performance rating, such as the breathing resistance, airflow, and work of breathing, helps ensure it meets the necessary standards for a comfortable and reliable diving experience.

Is the regulator suitable for the diving I am going to be doing?

Different regulators are designed for specific diving environments, such as warm water or cold water. It's essential to choose a regulator that is suitable for the type of diving you plan to engage in to ensure optimal performance.

Is the regulator adjustable?

Regulators with adjustable features, like breathing resistance or venturi controls, allow divers to customize their breathing comfort underwater. Knowing if the regulator offers these adjustments can enhance the overall diving experience.

What is the maintenance and service requirement?

Understanding the maintenance and service requirements of a regulator is crucial for its long-term performance. Student divers should know how frequently the regulator needs servicing and if there are any specific maintenance procedures they need to follow.

Is the regulator compatible with other scuba diving equipment?

It is important to check that your dive regulator is compatible with other diving equipment you own or plan to own. A good example of this is ensuring that a regulator has two high pressure ports if you plan to purchase (or have purchased) a transmitter to work with your dive computer. Ensuring that you have the correct hose lengths for your BCD or wing you plan to use.

By knowing the answers to these questions, student divers can make an educated choice when selecting a scuba diving regulator that meets their needs, enhances their diving experience, and ensures safety underwater.